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Remote Administrator is a program that allows you to control a computer remotely, so that you can access it to solve problems, change configurations, get a file, and more.

The program displays the other computer's screen in a window. From there, you can access the other computer's desktop and perform any of the actions that you need to, just like if you were sitting in front of the other computer. It supports multiple connections so you can even be viewing and working with more than one computer at the same time.

Remote Administrator runs as a service, which means that you can start and close a user session remotely.

It uses 'Hook' video controller technology, which helps it update the screens quite a lot: between 100 and 500 for computers connected through a local network. You can also run the app with a slow (56 KB) connection, and the updates will run from between 5 and 10 per second.

Remote Administrator is a secure program that only allows remote administration for those addresses that have been previously entered. It also uses 128 bit data encryption, which causes just a 5% loss in performance.

Other operations that you can perform with this program include:
- File transfer
- Close connection to restart or shut down the remote machine
- Password-protection
- And much more.

To work on a computer remotely, this program needs to be installed on both machines.


30-day trial.

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